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El león en invierno

El león en invierno (The Lion in Winter, 1968), d'Anthony Harvey. Katharine Hepburn (Elionor d'Aquitània, mare) i Anthony Hopkins (Ricard I d'Anglaterra, fill)

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Madres perfectas

Madres perfectas (Adore, 2013), d'Anne Fontaine. Naomi Watts (Lil, mare), Robin Wright (Roz, mare), Xavier Samuel (Ian, fill) i Ben Mendelsohn (Harold, fill). Basada en la novel·la The Grandmothers (2003) de Doris Lessing

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Stephanie Seymour: mum's the word

Stephanie Seymour's stylish sons Peter Brant Jr. and Harry have become society obsessions. But like their supermodel mom, they're part of a fashionable family that doesn't take itself too seriously. Strike a pose, there's nothing to it. Plus read the exclusive interview

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Flesh & blood

Flesh and blood (1977), Pete Hamill

Flesh and blood (1979; De carne y hueso, TVE, 1981), Jud Taylor

Suzanne Pleshette (Kate Fallon, mare) i Tom Berenger (Bobby Fallon, fill)

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